Discrete Structures Fall 2007

First 1/2 semester: Weeks One Thru Seven web pages.

Graduate Teaching Assistant help hours for CS I, CS II, CS III and Discrete Structures.
Mike Volz and Minal Tol are the TAs. How to prepare and be more effective at getting help.

Textbook web site at www.wiley.com publishers.

The Flash Games, Animations and Applets that accompany the textbook.

Week Dates Topics Homework or Quizzes
8 10/09-10/11 Practice problem and what to study for Sets. Sets and set theory and Ghostbusters counting problems. Venn diagrams. Cartesian Products. PowerSet concept. How can sets be represented with binary numbers.
What is the last year that was a PRIME number? Prime numbers PERL program. 1987 was the 5th to last year that was a PRIME year number. 1987 is the 300th prime number.
9 10/16-10/18 Mathematical Induction HW due on Tuesday. The Neko racing cats will choose which problem of the 2 problems is collected and graded. You should have each problem on a separate sheet of paper, completely ready to turn in. Read Chapter 3, but just sections 3.1 and 3.2
Section 3.1 Set Definitions and Operations
Section 3.2 More Operations on Sets

Chapter 4 Functions and Relations
  Section 4.1 Definitions, Diagrams and Inverses
  Section 4.2 The Composition Operator
  Section 4.3 Properties of Functions and Set Cardinality
  Section 4.4 Properties of Relations
10 10/23-10/25 Assignment due on Tuesday... Which of the four will be collected depends on the coin flip result. HH means both coins came up heads. Be sure you group the problems into the four different groups.
Page 208 - 1B, 1D, 1E, <-- HH
           2A, 4B, 4C, <-- HT 
           17B, 17D    <-- TH
Page 122 - 9B          <-- TT
HW due on Thursday...
Read Chapter 4
Exercises for Section 4.4
  Page 310 - 1B and 1D
Interactive, self-grading practice quiz for Binary Relations and Counting problems. r, s, t, a properties. Equivalence Relations, Partitions, POSET concepts.

POSETs, RST, RAT, Partitions and binary relation properties.

11 10/30-11/01
HW due on Tuesday:                        Coin flip or Neko race
Page 311-312: 4B,4C,6A,6B,14A,14B,14C         HH        cat 1
Page 322-323: 4B, 4D, 8B, 8D                  HT        cat 2
Page 322-323: 14A,14B,14C Page 332: 2B,2C,2E  TH        cat 3
Page 332: 17A,17B,17C,17D                     TT        cat 4
PRIME numbers: Prime numbers PERL program.
12 11/06-11/08
The HW due Thursday, 11/08 is posted on my office door so you can
take a copy if you missed class on 11/01 AND 11/06.

 *** Copies are taped outside my office 307 ITT.
 *** The HW due date was extended from Tuesday 11/06 to Thursday 11/08.

    Here is PART of the assignment. You still need to get a copy of the rest from outside my office door.

  1. P(n,r) and C(n,r) and TEST TWO and November 8th HW assignment.

  2. Note on 5-tuples and ASCII codes.

  3. Page 277: 2B or not 2B, that is the question that tragically should NOT have been assigned as homework in 810:080.
Here are some Practice Exams, in case you do not have enough from the handouts, lecture notes and textbook problems to work.
13 11/13-11/15

VIP: Answers to some GREEN SHEET sample test questions and clarifications about what will and will NOT be on the test.

EXAM TWO will be on Thursday, 11/15.

VIP: Answers to some GREEN SHEET sample test questions and clarifications about what will and will NOT be on the test.

What is R circle R? Composition of binary relation R with itself solved as we solved it in the Tuesday class to get (2,8) elementOf R o R and (3,12) elementOf R o R.

Answer to a question about Permutations and Combinations, and the issues of whether REPETITIONS are allowed or not.

PAN is a 3 letter PERMUTATION of the letters in PANTHERS.
HER is another 3 letter PERMUTE of any 3 of the P A N T H E R S objects.

PPP  These are NOT permutations of P A N T H E R S
     because a permuations does NOT allow you to reuse an object, and
     we have 8 distinct objects or letters.

14 11/27-11/29 Binary Search TREEs, i.e. BST will be a topic after a happy Thanksgiving break.

The Hash Table will also be covered during week #14. With Hash Tables and with Binary Search Trees, you will learn how to calculate the average successful search performance for the data structures.

Review the Tuesday class and start the next assignment on hash tables and BSTs.
15 12/04-12/06

Last week of class!

HW due on Tuesday 12/04
From 11/29 class handout: Hash Tables and Binary Trees HW

Test Two Scores and Points and Percentages. Test One and Test Two sum will be posted later.
FINAL EXAM WEEK 11/27-11/29
1:00-2:50 p.m. Wednesday, December 12
Discrete Final Exam at 1 p.m. on 12/12
The Final Exam is a COMPREHENSIVE test. It is a two hour exam. You cannot cram for a math final exam. You have to practice and work problems every week, preferably a little bit of math every day or at least 5 days a week. You must review and redo problems VERY OFTEN.
Discrete Structures Curriculum 2001 discussion by ACM/IEEE Ironman Draft.