Summer and Fall 2009 Computer Applications classes
Graphics, Animation, Web, Video, Certification

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All three of these classes count toward the Certificate in Computer Applications.

Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics
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Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics
Make it a moving summer! :-)

  1. This summer class will focus on the following software packages: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Flash and Autodesk Maya.

  2. Estimated amount of time spent on learning and practicing each product. Of course, the products will be integrated together. We will produce a 3D animation using Maya and integrate it into an After Effects production and publish it as Flash video, for example.
    1. Autodesk Maya - 2 weeks of the 8 weeks. 25%
    2. Adobe Flash - 2 weeks of the 8 weeks. 25%
    3. Adobe After Effects - 4 weeks of the 8 weeks. 50% The 2nd four weeks will be the heaviest focus on Adobe After Effects so you can take advantage of the free 30 day trial version and do all your homework at home or on your own laptop at Panera Bread or George Wyth State Park.

    One product's animation and graphics concepts and specific skills will help you learn the other product's concepts and techniques.

    You will have a very good grasp of Computer Graphics Visual Effects and Animation by utilizing 3 different software applications.

  3. There will be two textbooks required for the class. There is so much material online that is superb for Maya that we will not need a textbook for that software application.

    1. After Effects Apprentice, Second Edition by Chris and Trish Meyer. Currently listed at $29.67 as for the 2nd edition. List price is $44.95. Superb book for learning AE (AE = After Effects) and the book on AE for beginners.
        'After Effects Apprentice' provides a strong foundation for the aspiring motion graphics designer 
         or visual effects artist. It is an excellent resource to help users get up to speed 
         in After Effects quickly and to maximize their creative expression.
      Steve Kilisky, senior product manager, Adobe After Effects.
         The Meyers have once again shown their eloquence and expert knowledge of After Effects. 
         It is my opinion that After Effects Apprentice will be the primer for all those 
         who are learning After Effects in production work.
      R.Christopher Biggs, special digital effects animator, Walt Disney Imagineering
    2. After Effects for Flash | Flash for After Effects: Dynamic Animation and Video with Adobe After Effects CS4 and Adobe Flash CS4 Professional by Richard Harrington and Marcus Geduld

              will be the 2nd textbook for the class.

    Total cost of the two books at would be (if choose free shipping): 
            $29.67 + $34.64 = $64.31 if the choice for the 2nd book is the Harrington/Geduld book.

  4. Optional textbook: Compositing Visual Effects: Essentials for the Aspiring Artist by Steve Wright.

    You will receive handouts of any pages you need to read from this book, so it isn't necessary to purchase it. It is shown so you get an better idea of what the class will be about beyond the Flash, Maya and After Effects specific packages. It seemed like the Wright thing to do to include it as optional (not required and not even recommended).

    This book is currently listed at $23.07 at and its retail price is only $35.00.

    Review excerpt about the Wright book:
    "...leads the reader through the entire process and techniques used to create blockbuster effects, 
        but makes the journey easy for the layperson. This is a MUST-HAVE book for anyone 
        who wants to know the magic that digital compositing is." 
    Jeffrey Jasper, VFX Compositor, New Deal Studio (The Good Shepherd, X-Men 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 3)

  • Here are some examples of some of the special effects with text that can be created using After Effects.

    1. UNI Art student's motion graphics undergraduate project shows what can be done with text effects using Adobe After Effects. Typography Motion Video "conscious" by Nick Schrunk - April 2007.

    2. 3D Text in After Effects - 7 second long demo. Words only, no character by character effects, but still very nice.

    3. Here is an example of some of what you can do with 2D Text Effects. Notice the rock and roll or teeter totter effect.
    4. Short 10 second example - word animation (no character by character effects).
    5. Lots of effects besides text in this demonstration of after effects special effects.

  • This web page for Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics is still under construction.

  • If you need to go on a summer vacation or go on RAGBRAII and miss one week of the eight week long class, I am very flexible and will be glad to accomodate and help you get caught up. The web page for the class always has extensive summaries for each and every class session, especially for summer classes!

    All three of the above classes count toward the Certificate in Computer Applications which is offered by the UNI Computer Science department.

    The certificate requires only 12 hours of credit and 4 different 3 credit courses.