Maya for 3D (x, y and z) graphics and animation

CS 2880 Topics in Computing: 3D Graphics in Maya - 12 MWF Spring 2015

Note: CS 2880 11 MAYA is part of UNI Computer Science Department's Certificate in Computer Applications program.

CS 1025 01: Computational Modeling and Simulation satisfies your LAC Core Competency Category 1C: Quantitative Thinking and Understanding.

QUESTION: Why take Introduction to Statistical Methods or Mathematics in Decision Making if you are an Art or English or Interactive Digital Studies or Electronic Media or Graphic Design major?

Major themes: Computer Graphics, Computer Animation, Ghostbusters and Problem Solving, Muscles, Birds, ...

CS 2880 11
3D Graphics in Maya

  1. Maya has been used in the production of just about every major film involving computer-generated effects since its release, including Star Wars Episode I, Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings, Stuart Little, etc.

    1. Here is a link to the top 100 grossing films of all time. What percentage of these contain significant computer generated 3D visual effects? How many movies from the TOP 20?

    2. Of course, you don't want to forget those commercials. Talking lizards that sell car insurance. Super bowl commercials in 2008.

    3. Engineering and CAD (Computer Assisted Design) using Maya: What percentage of things that you own began life as a virtual model? Not to mention bridges, boats, tractors, combines, airplanes and buildings!

    4. Maya is used by Architects as well as Artists, Game Designers, Animators, Scientists and Film Makers.

      What were the majors and the hometowns of the 28 UNI students who took Maya this semester (Fall of 2008)?

         Fall of 2008 - 28 students              Spring of 2009 - 29 students           
      -----------------------------------     ---------------------------------------     
      Communications/Electronic Media  14     Management Information Systems (MIS) 12
                 Art: Studio Emphasis   5                         Computer Science  6
                     Computer Science   4          Communications/Electronic Media  5
               Graphic Communications   2                     Art: Studio Emphasis  4
         Computer Information Systems   2                               Accounting  4
          Movement & Exercise Science   1                   Graphic Communications  1
                              English   1                               Psychology  1
                                                                         Undecided  1
           Fall 2009 - 24 students       Fall 2008 Spring 2009 Fall 2009 Maya totals
          ------------------------       -------------------------------------------
            Art:Studio Emphasis  8                       Electronic Media 25
              Electronic Media   6                   Art: Studio Emphasis 17     
               Computer Science  5                       Computer Science 15     
                      Sociology  1                                    MIS 13     
                        Biology  1                             Accounting  4     
                      Marketing  1                 Graphic Communications  3
                     Management  1                                    CIS  3
                     Psychology  1                             Psychology  2
      Movement/Exercise Science  1              Movement/Exercise Science  2
               Sport Psychology  1                       Sport Psychology  1    
                                                               Management  1
                                                                Sociology  1
                                                                Marketing  1
                                                                  English  1
                                                                  Biology  1
                                                                Undecided  1
                                                                          91    <------ Note: several students have
                                                                                              double majors.
    5. Spring semester of 2013 Maya class will be the 5th time the class has been offered at UNI.

      • Why has it been 3 years since Maya was taught at UNI?

      • After having a FREE PLE (Personal Learning Edition), Autodesk Maya started charging everyone for Maya software in 2009.
        Even though they provided a student edition, it was still too expen$ive for most students to purchase.

      • Now Maya is FREE again to UNI students! Autodesk is providing an educational version that you can use for FREE for up to 3 years.

      • Why was it such a popular class? This page tries to provide some clues. Read on.

    6. There are no prerequisites for this CS 2880 Maya 3D Graphics class.

    7. Be sure to watch this You Tube video to see the Animation Mentor school student showcase. All of their work is done using Maya software.

  2. Every episode of VeggieTales after King George and the Ducky was animated using Maya. It is used in combination with CorelDRAW to animate the cartoon South Park.

  3. "Alias Software's Maya is well known as a cutting edge 3D application. Early in March of 2003, Alias Software won an Oscar for Scientific and Technical Achievement for the development of Maya. Among its many credits, Maya was used to create visual effects in several Oscar winning and nominated movies, including The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Spider-Man, and Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones. According to one of my sources, Maya is used for up to half of the available 3D work opportunities." Nathan Segal.

  4. The Magnificent Seven stages of the Maya Animation Pipeline will each be the focus at different times during the class.
    Note: The seven buttons link to web pages that will not be created until Thanksgiving or Christmas break and will be developed as the spring 2009 class unfolds.

    Modeling; Characters and Rigging; Animation; Materials and Textures; Lights and Cameras; Special Effects; Rendering and Compositing - these are the seven stages.

  1. The Maya Animation pipeline has seven stages. You will gain experience, develop skills and grasp the associated concepts associated with every one of these stages in the 11 a.m. MWF class as you learn the Maya 3D graphics software.

  2. Look at the YouTube example Animation from AnimationMentor school. The tool they use is Maya.

  3. Another fun animation of a dancing alien. (You Tube)

  4. Anyone can download and install Autodesk Maya for a free 30 trial. Only students and educators can get a 36 month free use of Maya.

    Almost every computer lab at UNI will provide Maya. Lang 213 also has Maya 2013, along with Adobe After Effects, which we will use to render some of your animation artistry.