Web page assignment for 810:021 section 02
Due date: Friday, February 24th, 2006
(email URL anytime before February 25th)

  1. There are TWO pages required for the assignment.

    • One page will be named homepage.html and the URL to get to that page will be http://student.cns.uni.edu/~YourUNI_ID/homepage.html. Note: if you wish to name it index.html, that is okay too.
    • The 2nd page will be named page2.html and will be linked to from your homepage.html.
    • Since there is a hypertext link from your homepage.html to your page2.html, I will be able to grade page2.html by just linking to it from your homepage.html.
    • Whenever your assignment is completed, send email and tell me the URL. I can figure out what your cowboy.cns.uni.edu user id is, but I do need to know the name of the file, and homepage.html is NOT the same as HomePage.html or HOMEPAGE.html or Homepage.html.

  2. Your web site will have at least two lists on your 1st page.

    • One list will be a list of at least 3 of your favorite web sites. You can use the Search facility of your web browser and find the URLs to link to from your list of at least 3 sentences or paragraphs about your favorites. Examples of the URL links: hobbies, music or dance groups, TV shows, museums, vacation sites, Air Force, political or environmental causes, sites related to your major or career, fun sites to share, and so on.
    • The other list will be a list of the courses you are taking this spring semester. For Computer Skills and Concepts, you will want to have a hypertext link to your instructor's web page AND another link directly to the class web page (c021.html).
    • You can see an example of an ordered list here, along with the pico editor context of working on HTML logged into cowboy.cns.uni.edu.

  3. You will have a paragraph somewhere on your page stating that you are a student at UNI. It should have a few things about yourself, especially what year you are, your major, and your hometown. The UNI reference will be hypertext link to the http://www.uni.edu URL.

  4. Your page will have at least one of the favorite graphics that you found somewhere out on the web. See item #8 on the webHow.html help page for how to do this when you are working in Wright 110, 112 or 339 computer labs.

    Note: You can also download a graphic to a diskette and bring it into the Wright labs and move it to your Z:\web folder, or ftp transfer it from your computer at home or in the library up to the student.cns.uni.edu computer. All of this will be demonstrated in class and in the labs. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. You can even download WS-FTP software.
    273-5555 is the number to call if you have trouble with installing or using WS-FTP. Remember too, there is always sneaker net. All that is required is a diskette and a pair of Nike or whatever brand sneakers to do file transfers from your home computer or the library and Wright Hall Z: drive web folder.

  5. At least one of your two pages; homepage.html or page2.html must have a BGCOLOR that is specified in base 16 hexadecimal. To look up the various RGB triplet values that go with one of your favorite colors, just look at this RGB Color Chart until you see the color you like. Copy down the 6 digit color value and try it out. BODY BGCOLOR="FF00FF" would give a purple color. FF00FF is an RGB triplet.

  6. One of your web pages will display your PhotoShop created, customized command button, with the 3D Lighting Effect look achieved with the Texture Channel you created. The button with your name or initials on it should be a hypergraphic LINK to your other page. Here is a link to a PhotoShop handout on how to make a 3D command button, but for a older version of PhotoShop. There are some differences! I will update the material soon.

  7. Your page2.html web page will be linked to from somewhere on your homepage.html page. It can have additional information about yourself or your major or interests or whatever. It should include at least one list. It should include a link back to your homepage.html. It should include at least one HR Horizontal Ruler. I like the HR NOSHADE ruler better than just plain HR. Which do you like better? HR is 1st and HR NOSHADE is 2nd, just below it.

  8. When I grade your web pages, I will check to see what the HTML itself looks like too. You are NOT allowed to use Web Authoring software to create your 1st two web pages. We will do that in March or April.

    • Are all of your tags in UPPERCASE LETTERS? That makes the HTML more readable.
    • Did you indent and use white space to make the HTML page easier to read while you are using Notepad or the cowboy pico editor to debug it or to make changes and additions to it? Look at this screen snapshot to see pico editor in action and PhotoShop created highlights of your 1st hands-on class.

  9. Link back to Jacobson's c021.html Computer Skills and Concepts web page and check out the links to UNIX commands and HTML primer and Overview of all HTML elements, etc.

  10. Click here to read FAQ/slimers help page. It will be updated very frequently. It will have solutions to the most common problems and answers to the most frequently asked questions and warnings about things to avoid and clarifications about anything that was confusing.

Your web page assignment will be handed out on Monday, January 27th. The web pages (page2.html and homepage.html) will be due on or by Friday, February 28th. Besides this page, the most important pages to look over are:
  1. The web help page for ideas on how to work on your web assignment.

  2. Frequently Asked Questions was last updated NOT YET

  3. Here is an Overview of all HTML elements to consult, if you wish.

  4. Here is an HTML primer to refer to when answering HTML questions that arise.

  5. Images and Colors for your web page. RGB Color Chart for the BGCOLOR="FF0000" colors.

  6. Palette Man color selector, for RGB values. Very nice site!

  7. Lots of tutorials and web page and HTML resources to check out.