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For the Spring semester, I am teaching:

... and am leading the following special courses:

Research Projects

If you are interested in working on an undergraduate or graduate research project with me, I would be happy to meet with you to discuss your ideas! Please take a look at this information page before coming by, to find out what my expectations are and to see examples of projects I'd be interested.
Take a look at Fred Zelhart's master's thesis on an intelligent tutoring system he built. Fred was my first grad student. I hope to post the work of my other past grad students, including Mike Holmes and Tom Oleson, as times permit. The work of students who finish in the near future will be posted as it becomes available.

Previous Courses

Some of my previous courses are still available on-line:

Scholarly Working in Teaching

My teaching in the last few years has primarily involved a three-course rotation of Algorithms, Programming Languages, and Compilers. I have also taught our second course, on object-oriented programming, on a regular basis. I am teaching our first course this semester for the first time in a decade, and loving it!

As a part of my exploration of patterns, I work on the discovery and use of patterns of programs in all of my courses.

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