UNI Statistical Consulting - Spring 2020

Spring 2020 - Office Hours - WRT 309 - jacobson@uni.edu for appointment.

Statistical Software and Data Analysis

February Short Course Schedule...
March Short Course Schedule...

The schedule for April and May will be posted very soon..
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UNI Department of Mathematics provides assistance through its Statistical Consulting Center (SCC or SCL), offering a free source of statistical support for routine data analyses to UNI students, faculty and staff.

Department of Mathematics Statistical Consulting Center - Mark.Jacobson@uni.edu

Contact Mark Jacobson at jacobson@uni.edu to set up an appointment. Email jacobson@uni.edu is preferred and FASTEST method, but phone is 273-7963 if absolutely necessary.
See http://www.cs.uni.edu/~jacobson/SCL for short courses schedule (SPSS, Minitab, SAS, R, S-Plus, Excel).
  1. Spring 2020 - Office Hours - WRT 309 - jacobson@uni.edu for appointment.

  2. Statistical Software and Data Analysis:

    1. February Short Course Schedule

    2. March Short Course Schedule

    3. ... April Short Course Schedule available soon...

    4. ... May Short Course Schedule available soon...

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SAS examples for short course.

SPSS Short Course Part I materials

SPSS class part two data files. GSS is General Social Survey.

The R folder: R web page ...

The R and RStudio Introduction classes - class #1 and class #2 links.

Some R and RStudio examples ...

Camtasia Video Review of R and RStudio introductory class... To be done over spring break... NOT READY YET!

12 minutes long: Video tutorial review of Feb 4th and 8th SPSS short course.

SCL (Statistical Consulting Lab) - UNI

Need help analyzing your data?

Please email jacobson@uni.edu if you want to be added to the mailing list for all short courses or for SPSS or SAS or Minitab short courses.

SPSS STATISTICS SHORT COURSE: Wright 110 computer lab. Time and date to be announced. (Probably late February and early April times to choose from for Part I and Part II of class).

There will be two separate classes needed to cover the following topics, but each course will be independent of the other.

Learn about preparing data for SPSS with Excel, linear regression, ANOVA, correlation, chi square and crosstabs, value and variable labels, scatterplots, etc. How do I visualize (chart or plot or graph) my data with SPSS? How do you do Regression and ANOVA with SPSS? How do you understand the statistical output? Comparing means with Independent Samples T-Test, etc.

This class is a class for beginners and assumes no previous knowledge.

E-mail Mark Jacobson at jacobson@uni.edu with questions or if you wish to RSVP.

Learn about exporting data for Excel to SPSS, recoding variables, creating new variables, chi-square, t-test, regression and ANOVA.

This class is suitable for beginners in statistics and statistical software.

  1. E-mail Mark Jacobson at jacobson@uni.edu with questions or if you wish to RSVP or be added to a short course email list.

  2. There will also be several short courses on SAS and Minitab offered in the spring semester of 2012. I will be sending out email notices about the short courses, so PLEASE drop an email to jacobson@cns.uni.edu if you wish to be added to the list for SAS or SPSS short courses.

  3. Have a specific topic from SPSS, SAS, Minitab, R, SPlus or Excel that you would like covered in a short course?

    Let me know the topic and a class can be arranged for covering that topic, or we can meet and cover it by appointment. I will be glad to teach a statistical software skill for a group or a class too.

   Office hours at the (SCL) Statistical Consulting Lab in WRT 309 
          will generally be 

       BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, which is highly recommended over drop-in.

   Please always try to set up a scheduled appointment whenever possible
to ensure availability of that time you wish to stop by.

    Appointments almost ANYTIME, including weekends and evenings are no
       problem and will be arranged.
Please send email to jacobson@uni.edu or call 273-7963 to register for SAS or SPSS short courses, to set up an appointment or to get more information.

(Email is preferable to phone messages).

Learning the R statistical software package.

Statistical Consulting Lab (SCL) will offer an introductory
    SAS short course in WRT 110 computer lab at these times:

    Times to be announced soon.

E-mail Mark Jacobson at jacobson@uni.edu to for more information.