Maya to AE to FLV to Flash to assignment

Swaying Curtains opening on something extra

Send the URL link to after you get your Maya assignment published.

Maya to FLV to Flash SWF through After Effects Render Queue - how to do it.

  1. Emily
  2. Jessica
  3. Kyle
  4. Matt
  5. Megan
  6. Mustafa
  7. Shawn
  8. Traci
I will help you on Monday before or after class or in the evening by staying at or meeting you at the Lang 217 computer lab so you can use Adobe After Effects to Render your Maya scene to TARGA file sequence and then use After Effects to convert that TARGA footage to FLV (Flash Video).

Note this is the Maya scene that you already emailed me as an attachment. The goal is for you to go through the entire process of publishing it your web site, i.e. to your account.

The SSH Secure Shell file transfer window and and what files you need to upload to July 22nd example. The .js, .flv, .swf and .html files. Note: one of the .swf files is SkinUnderAll.swf and the other is the Flash application you yourself created and published.

  1. SLIMERS and BUGS: Problems to watch out for when publishing your Maya scene to FLV through AE.
  2. Storyboarding - turn in your storyboard plan for your final project by Tuesday, if possible. Turn it in Wednesday at the VERY latest - so you have it done at least a few days before you finish or are finishing your final project.
  3. Study this page and ALL of its links for more information on the STORYBOARD ASSIGNMENT. A storyboard can be mostly or all text and written step by step plan, but sketches of what you are trying to do can be very helpful in planning and communicating your plan too.
  4. Here is the storyboard for my own final project for the Visual Effects, Animation, and Motion Graphics class. (NOT READY YET).
  5. Your final project does NOT need to done until the Tuesday after our last class. (Tuesday, August 4th by 9 p.m.)
  6. Your final project can focus just on After Effects or Flash or Maya. I will have some hours by appointment where you can meet me in Lang 213 if you need to use After Effects to render your Maya TARGA footage into Flash video (and add some After Effects effect or layers to it).

Please watch the Steven Murdoch video: Maya Rigging - Rigging a ball for squash and stretch deforming before Monday's class. 10:16 (10 minutes 16 seconds long)

July 26th: Snow, snowman, Flash, Maya and AE sample.

Sunday, July 26th: Snow, snowman, Flash, Maya and AE sample.