Constitutional Convention of 2022

concon1400x1820 In 2016, after years of immigration debacles, epidemics and lawlessness, the Democrat Party finally implodes.

But from its corpse, an oligarchic, neo-fascist Progressive Party rises on a flood of fat cat cash.

Its political philosophy is simple: representative democracy is an obsolete and outdated concept from another era. Modern governments should be controlled by experts, forceful leaders, not 18th century debating societies.

Through clever changes to the voting laws, a few well chosen dossiers supplied by the NSA, and a general amnesty, the Progressives seize control of the presidency.

They swiftly consolidate their grip by exploiting the powers of the endless alphabet soup of Federal agencies to which lazy Congresses, over many years, delegated vast regulatory authority. Overnight, without a shot being fired, the nation slips into dictatorship.

Laws and policies once hammered out by Congress are replaced by an endless rush of ill-conceived executive decrees. The economy spirals into irreversible depression. The government responds in the only way it knows: print more money to service its ever growing horde of idle clients.

The nation shatters into chaos. Federal money becomes worthless. When Midwest farmers refuse to ship their product, large Progressive urban enclaves erupt in food riots. Soon, only smoldering, charred ruins remain. Industrial output collapses. States secede and print their own money. Mexican armies recapture large areas of the southwest. The country is paralyzed. But then ….

Read it while it’s still fiction. (Ed. note: the above blurb was written in 2014.)

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