Feb 24, 2024
License and Acknowledgements:

This code is licensed under the GPL 2+ & MIT licenses. The code uses ffmpeg runtime routines as well as VLC library APIs which themselves have various open source licences.

Spark Gap Video Editor
Free Open-Source Video Editor
The Zippy Clipper
for Linux Mint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Manjaro et. al.
and Windows 11 with WSL2

Source code:


Please see README.txt in the distro for information concerning the Windows 11 WSL2 version. See video links below for Hot-To tips.


How-To Videos

  1. Making a clip from a larger video
  2. How to crop a clip
  3. How to join two clips
  4. Join with transition stills
  5. Video composed of still images
  6. Tiling video clips
  7. Edge detection
  8. Overlays
  9. Populating the entry list of files
  10. Adding an audio track
  11. Audio graphs
  12. Splice and dice
  13. Installation on Debian Systems
  14. Mable, Zippy, and PC sing the classics.

The Linux version was developed on Linux Mint with Mate (21). It assumes library names and locations consistent with a Debian/Ubuntu based system. The installation script uses apt.

Demo (co-starring Mabel)