Jack is a drug lord. He realizes that things have taken a serious turn for the worse. He knows he needs to be very careful and very ruthless. He’s lost a lot of troops in the past few days to a bunch of computer geeks living above a dance club in Omaha. This is not good for business.

From St. Louis, Jack rules a vast inland empire of drugs, prostitution, smuggling, gambling, loan sharking and just about every other known vice. No one messes with Jack. His fuse is short and his reach is long. So Jack calls a couple of feral psychopaths who do odd jobs, generally leaving a wake of corpses. He knows they’ll handle this job the right way, no slip ups, no witnesses, and not too squeamish about collateral damage. This time, Jack wants a lot of damage. This time, he wants to annihilate the geeks.

But Jack’s a little out of touch with the realities of the modern, computer controlled world. He never really understood what he was up against and he never knew what hit him.

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