CS 1025 01 - Week #13 (Apr 15 and 17)

Tuesday, April 15th

  1. Test two one week from today on Tuesday, April 22nd. (Earth Day = Test Two Day).
  2. Ventana Vensim assignment due TODAY. Due today by 10 p.m.

  3. Data Flyer tool.

  4. Constrained Growth and carrying capacity Vensim model.

Thursday, April 17th

  1. Test Two on Tuesday April 22nd. Test Two Study Guide has been updated.

  2. Test One study guide is part of test two, which is comprehensive.
    Especially work on and practice what you didn't get correct on test #1.

  3. VIP: Test One study guide from Fall of 2013 is part of the study guide for our 2nd exam.
    See especially #1 and #2 and #11 
         for the NetLOGO Game of LIFE model 
               concepts and 
                      sample practice questions from previous tests.
    See especially #3 on Monte Carlo throwing darts 
         to estimate the AREA of a region:
    iii.                         b
     iv.                   a = ----- d
      v.                         c
  4. Monte Carlo practice exercise done in class: Two Circles, Five Regions, 100 darts simulation for estimating areas.