810:023 01 Spring 2011 - Microcomputer Systems

FINAL EXAM 8-9:50 a.m. Wednesday May 4th

Test 3 = T3: Final Exam Score (T3 = Test 3 = Final Exam) with T1 and T2 scores.

  1. FYI: Test One and Test Two scores.

  2. Test 3: Final Exam Score with T1 and T2 scores. (T3 = Test 3 = Final Exam)

    Final Exam Study Guide outline begins here...

  3. CRC example covered in class: Shows how to do your work carefully so as to not make any clerical errors bringing down the next digits. CRCspr2011.pdf - Cyclic Redundancy Check.

  4. Cyclic Redundancy Check CRC Generator, Message, and Redundancy bits - Tuesday, April 26th.

  5. FINAL EXAM Study Guide part one: QUIZ ONE study guide is 1st part of Final Exam study guide.

  6. FINAL EXAM Study Guide part two: Quiz Two Study Guide is one major portion of the study guide for the final exam.
    QUIZ two: Quiz Two pages, some with answers, some without.

    Portion of Quiz One including TIC and HAMMING codewords and binary to decimal, decimal to binary, and base 7 to base 10.

  7. FINAL EXAM Study Guide part three: Study Cyclic Redundancy Check CRC, Flash and audio (know the ActionScript 3.0 for Flash Audio).

    Flash Final Exam: ActionScript 3.0 - four statements, 2 1/2 minute video tutorial, playing an external sound file, buttons with ears because of addEventListener(), and SoundMixer.stopAll(); used to stop any previously playing sounds before starting to play() the next audio file.

  8. See the Flash Audio Assignments - 11 are done as of 9:30 p.m. on a snowy April Tuesday evening (04/19).

    13 done as of noon on 04/21/Thursday.
    17 done as of noon on 04/28/Thursday.

    function playTablas(evt:MouseEvent):void
       SoundMixer.stopAll();      <-------------- VIP if you want to
                                           make sure all other sounds
                                           stop playing BEFORE we start
                                           playing the tabla MP3 file.

    Final Exam Study Guide outline links end here...

  9. Assignment using Flash audio and animation: Sounds pretty good and looks pretty good. Due April 18th, 2011 by 10 p.m.

  10. VIP: Pre Lab assignment due at start of ITT 134 StudioIT 1 computer lab on Thursday, April 7th.

    It is now ALL READY...
    Prelabs are meant to prepare you for the computer lab class.

  11. Quiz Two Study Guide will also be a portion of the study guide for the final exam.

  12. QUIZ TWO on Tuesday, April 5th and WIRESHARK packet analysis homework.

  13. Jaws movie, Wireshark packets, TCP/IP 4 layers compared to OSI 7 layers, i.e. P D N T S Pizza A...

  14. Thursday, March 10th review of SUBNET masks, preview of Wireshark, etc.

  15. Quiz 01 - Tuesday 03/01

  16. Flash Actionscript 3.0 - 03/03/11 Thursday


  18. Having all your Excel VBA macros available in a single, hidden workbook. What to look for in Excel HELP to review the process and concepts.
    Create and save all your macros in a single workbook.

  19. Thursday, Feb 17th StudioIT 1 class: The Windows API and Excel VBA macro programming for getting the user name, for sleep, ...
    for playing a sound in Excel. VBA - Visual Basic for Applications SLEEP 1000 example.
    Public Declare Function sndPlaySoundA Lib "winmm.dll" _
       (ByVal lpszSoundName As String, ByVal uFlags As Long) As Long
    Public Sub PlayWav(filePath As String)
        sndPlaySoundA filePath, 0
    End Sub
    Sub playTheSound()
        PlayWav ("C:\2011\023\sound\sound1.wav")
    End Sub
     ' ------------------------------------------------------------------
    Sub pause()
        theTime = Timer + 1
        While Timer < theTime
    End Sub
    Sub FillFour()
        For i = 1 To 5
            Cells(12, i).Value = i ^ 2
        Next i
    End Sub
    Function convertToNewBase(decimalNumber As Integer, newBase As Integer) 
    As String
        newNumber = ""
        newNumber = Str(decimalNumber Mod newBase) & newNumber
        decimalNumber = decimalNumber \ newBase
        While (decimalNumber > 0)
            newNumber = Str(decimalNumber Mod newBase) & newNumber
            decimalNumber = decimalNumber \ newBase
        convertToNewBase = newNumber
    End Function

    The publically readable 23/VBA folder we got VBA code, API declarations, and the .wav sound files from.

  20. PERL/CGI and Hamming codewords email review of Tuesday, February 15th class.

    1. Hamming error detection for ASCII character transmission.

    2. Hamming interactive Flash demonstration/application. Animated to demonstrate the encoding of one byte or 8 bits into the 12 bit Hamming codeword.

    3. PERL/CGI and random quotes sunny.uni.edu server side programming example.

  21. Vignere decryption - plaintext and ciphertext. Decrypt message #2 and message #3. We did message #1 in class on 02/10/Thursday.

  22. Syllabus.

    Hands on classes in StudioIT 2nd floor laptop labs: StudioIT 1 ITT 134
         January   1-20 1-27
         February  2-3 2-17 2-24
         March     3-3 3-31
         April     4-7 4-14 4-21     Ten different Thursday classes.
                                     ---        Out of 15 Thursdays.
  23. Email notes:

    1. One 01/13 - Moore's Law and TIC.
    2. Two 01/20 - Flash audio info and video tutorial.
    3. Three 01/25 - TIC group exercise solution. TICgroupExercise.pdf.
    4. Four 01/25 - TIC 2 and TIC 3 assignment handouts as PDF. TIC 1 for practice (blank copy).

  24. Computer history - Atanasoff Berry Computer and Iowa State College - ABC versus ENIAC - four generations - Konrad Zuse and King Kong.

  25. TIC assignment: You have both TIC 2 and TIC 3 as handouts. TIC 2 is very simple. TIC 3 involves BRANCHING and loops! Due date is Thursday, February 3rd.

  26. BINARY basics. Also shows Octal (base 8) and hexadecimal (base 16) along with the base ten and base two.

    Explanation for how to convert from Decimal to Binary: Convert base ten to base two step by step approach.

    More about Binary and IP numbers and subnet masks for 810:023.

  27. Moore's law and shrinking the transistors.

  28. XML, ActionScript 3.0 and Flash: XML and Flash UI elements - UILoader, ComboBox, button and Classic Text (Dynamic type). XML = eXtensible Markup Language.

  29. Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away: OSI 7 layers model for understanding networks and the internet. All People Seem To Need Data Processing