810:023 01 Spring 2010 - Microcomputer Systems

Final Exam 8-9:50 a.m. Wednesday May 5th: Final Exam study guide - all done.

Final Exam study guide - all done.

  1. PERL CGI random quotes assignment. Handed out on Earth Day 40th anniversary - Thursday, April 22, 2010.

  2. 810:023 student's random quotes PERL CGI assignments - check out the random facts, jokes, quotes, info of your classmates. (ALL 27 students ARE DONE as of 11 a.m. Wednesday Cinco de Mayo)

  3. Suggestions and help on doing the RANDOM QUOTES assignment. chmod 755 random.cgi; pico editor; Notepad Windows editor; etc.

QUIZ ON TUESDAY: Quiz Three Thursday, April 22nd.

StudioIT 1 APRIL schedule: April 1, April 8 and April 15
Schedule: Quizzes 2, 3 and 4 - Flash audio and animation assignment - only 26 out of 27 students done????

Flash sound projects: 2010 Flash SOUND and buttons and animation projects.

26 are done and submitted so far.

Striker Flash exercise for lab class.

QUIZ ONE: Tuesday, March 9th

Quiz 1 STUDY GUIDE - Q1 is ready. QUIZ TWO - Tuesday, March 30th. (Q2 - Will use the QUIZ ONE study guide again, with additions).

Its a new day! :-)

VIP: Hamming code words for error detection/correction concepts. TUESDAY, March 2nd, 2010 class.
Current topic: Flash buttons, Flash and audio... Assignment due date: Sunday, Feb 28th by 9 p.m.

ASSIGNMENT: Flash project two: Sounds, buttons, and movie clip symbols...

Review of Thursday Feb 18th class: Four Actionscript statements needed for Flash sound assignment.

VIP: How to make the required animations (Twirling Text, animated JPG or GIF, etc.) to go with the sounds for your Flash project (19 minute 40 second video tutorial).

  1. Feb 11th, 2010: Flash and invisible buttons and falling snow. Using Flash video as a symbol in the Library instead of as a separate FLV file requiring an FLVPLayback component.

    Snowfall (3 types) and light rain and heavy rainfall: Snow, rain, Afer Effects and Flash, including ActionScript 3.0 for the invisible button.

  2. Flash dice assignment to sunny.uni.edu: PUBLISH and UPLOAD Flash to sunny, part one.

  3. How to Publish and upload Flash applications to sunny, part two. VIP!!!

Flash CS4 will be skill developed from Assignment #1 - tossing ten sided dice.

  1. DICE due date extension to 02/11/Wednesday at 10 p.m. - Using SSH SECURE SHELL and/or using DREAMWEAVER to UPLOAD your Dice assignment to your sunny.uni.edu account: The secure shell ftp (file transfer protocol) needs to be taught yet, for those who have not had 022 before and learning it last fall.

  2. Displaying the sum of the dice, as well as displaying the numeric value of each die using text of the dynamic type.

  3. Flash allows 3 types for Text objects: Static, Input, and Dynamic.

  4. This assignment will be due on Friday, February 5th. See 02/11/Wednesday at 10 p.m. update above here.

  5. VIP: Review of Class #3 (Tuesday 01/19/2010). Preview and preparation (PRELAB) for Thursday ITT 134 class.

  1. Freight Train sound and animation example.

  2. Now Hear This! - Student Sound projects from Spring 2009 023 class, if they have not yet graduated from UNI. Some links will be broken cause web site is gone.

  3. March 11th, 1989 tribute: Sounds good to me - a wedding in Washington D.C. suburb - Rockville, Maryland.

  4. Could we eventually learn enough to add sound effects to the dice rolling program? Make each die go slow enough to see it rolling, and even make it move about on the stage, while having some sound effects?

VIP review of and readings for week one, classes 1 and 2 along with a preview of week two (Adobe Flash) and beyond - E F E R A, class outline of topics and skills, etc.
   1. Adobe Flash and rolling a pair of dice next week.
   2. Binary.  Base two binary.  Octets w.x.y.z and IP numbers.
   3. EFERA = E F E R A and networking two computers 5 issues.
   4. Computer history - 4 generations, Atanasoff, Berry, Mauchly,
                         Eckert, Zuse, King Kong, WWII.
   5. Outline of topics and themes.  No prerequisite background.
   6. Outline of estimated time for each area and details on areas.

Rolling Dice - Flash graphics, frames, keyframes. First example application for use during week #2 in StudioIT 1 ITT 134 lab on Thursday. Creating a six sided die for a pair of dice in Flash.

How thick would a sheet of paper be if you could fold it in half 50 times?
How many sheets THICK? See the solution details and sunny.uni.edu bc calculator in action.

Moore's Law - Doubling number of transistors is like doubling sheets of paper. Its an EXPONENTIAL rate of growth.

   1 sheet thick      to start with
   2 sheets thick     after one fold or first doubling
   4 sheets thick
   8 sheets thick
  16 sheets thick
 128 sheets thick 
1024 sheets thick after 10 folds, or after doubling number of sheets
            10 times you would have about two 500 page thick reams of
            paper, i.e. a little more than 1000 sheets of paper.

1,125,899,906,842,624   sheets of paper after doubling the
                                 number of sheets 50 times.

      92,580,000  miles from the earth to the sun
      71,079,540  miles for the stack of paper's height,
                                    or about 71 MILLION MILES!

More about Moore's Law and the "Honey I Shrunk the Transistors" drama. Wow, I shrunk the transistors so much we can now have the entire CPU of the computer on a single chip, on a single Integrated Circuit. That is truly a very small CPU, a very micro sized processor. A new generation is declared and named the Microprocessor generation. DOUBLING sheets of paper. DOUBLING transistors one one chip by reducing the size of each transistor and the distance needed to connect them. EXPONENTIAL GROWTH.

SixthSense Technology imagining the future of computer interfaces.
When is Microcomputer Systems on 2nd floor lab instead of 4th floor classroom?
StudioIT 1 ITT 134 from 9:30-10:45 a.m.

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