PAST PAGE - Spring 2002 Computer Skills and Concepts

  1. FINAL EXAM PERIOD: 5:00-7:30 p.m. on Monday. Starts at 5 p.m. in Wright 105. I give an exam from 3-5 in Wright 105, which might last for some of the students until 4:50 p.m.

    • Scenes and discussion of scenes from Ghostbusters, Pretty Woman and Dances With Wolves. Relationship to problem solving, programming, writing, education, design, art, science, music, etc.

    • Algorithm from Macbeth. Brinded cats, cauldrons, etc. Much Ado About Nothing parallels.

    • Wings of Desire by Wim Wender, Thriller by Michael Jackson.

    • Quiz during the last 15 or 20 minutes of the exam period, which will be a piece of cake (or a Twinkie) if you have read the two April 22nd handouts over ahead of time and paid attention during the presentation/discussion.

  2. Handout #1 from April 22nd: Ghostbusters and problem solving. I will try to tape some of these to my office door very soon, in case you missed class when they were handed out.

  3. Handout #2 from April 22nd: Ghostbusters and waggle dancing bees and the importance of the word CHOOSE in problem solving. Direction, distance and desirability.

  4. Here is an animation of some Ghostbusters scenes. There are about 12 different scenes, but be patient. It will be a minute or two before these scenes can be seen.

Email about EXPLORE problem in Wright Labs and the DOG.BMP file for the Paint or PhotoShop program. Instructions for getting it done.
The actual graphic file for the EXPLORE for Photo Editing lab DOG.BMP file, which does not seem to load when working in our Wright Hall labs, but does work from your CD-ROM.
April 22nd and April 15th due date CD-ROM labs on Multimedia, Photo Editing, Building a Network and Data Representation.
Networking Terms and Concepts This LAN is YOUR LAN
Assignment due on April 8th and summary of April Fools day class. See the following PowerPoint presentation too.

Your PowerPoint assignment should be done before May 1st. It must be published to the web, and linked to from your web page.

Scanners: How they work, what to look for?

HOMEWORK FOR APRIL 1st: Assignments that are due on Monday, April 1st.
You received this by email: QUIZ #2 STUDY GUIDE, Monday, March 11th HTML quiz.

Your homepage.html and page2.html assignment is now here. It will be due before spring break, by Friday, March 15th.

Your web page assignment is ready now, as of Tuesday, February 19th. The web pages (page2.html and homepage.html) will be due on or before Friday, March 15th. Consult the web help page for ideas and many resources on how to work on your web assignment.

You received this by email: Six questions ASSIGNMENT due BEFORE the Monday evening 02/25 class, to be sent via email to or by 5 p.m. on 02/25.
PhotoShop command button handout, in case you don't have yours.
QUIZ ON MONDAY February 18th: Quiz #1 study guide - outline - practice questions is now ready.
Excel handout/group exercise from February 11th class.
Assignment #3: Textbooks CD-ROM Spreadsheets lab and the Databases lab. Pages 153-154 of the textbook. Do the STEPS and do the EXPLORES for both of the labs.
Assignment #2: Textbooks CD-ROM Defragmentation lab, CPU Simulator lab and Troubleshooting lab ASSIGNMENT.
5:30 p.m. Monday in Wright 105 classroom
7:00 p.m. Monday in Wright Wright 112 lab. Lab at 6:45ish or 7ish, not 7, usually, not always.
Read about how to USE and how to PRINT the CD-ROM Labs, if you want to do the work in the Wright Hall labs instead of elsewhere.
Twenty-seven delicious choices: See the Labs pull-down menu selections.
Note: You do NOT need to have your CD-ROM with you to work in our labs.
Assignment #1: Two CD-ROM Labs to do the STEPS for. Due date: Monday, January 28th, 2002 (Note: Since we meet just once per week, I will be flexibile on this due date, if you can't see me for help until just before or after class on 1/28.)
  1. Web Authoring & HTML CD-ROM lab
  2. Binary Numbers CD-ROM lab
    (See also the Monday, January 14th binary handout. See that handout for base 8 Octal, base 16 Hexadecimal as well as base 2 binary)
    NOTE: This web page has BGCOLOR=AA99B7, so RED is AA and GREEN is 99 and BLUE is B7. We will cover the base 16 RGB Color concepts further on Wednesday in class. It will come up again as we learn about PhotoShop and computer graphics and video display concepts as well. RGB means RedGreenBlue.

Preview of hands-on lab, the Monday, January 14th lab class. You can see the pico editor window, with the HTML code for your practice web page in the pico editor window. The name of the file is index.html and it was saved in your web folder. (Note: TENTATIVE PLAN)
Read Chapter 8 The Internet To be covered in week #3 (2nd class) Then read Chapter 1 Using Computers: Essential Concepts We should start this during week #3 (class #2), if we finish chapter 8.
1st two classes (01/14 and 01/28) summary/preview, showing your 1st web page HTML, which was part of your handout. It has a link to the UNI home page. Also shown, is how to do your first numbered list. Lists have either bullets or numbers.
  1. How to use pico editor on The pico name stands for pine composer, which means that pico is the pine email editor or composer for the sending and replying commands.
  2. The UNIX commands that are most commonly used. We have used ls, ls -l, cd web, mkdir web, finger, who, w, logout, etc. Read this page to learn more about the commands.

The 810:021 Spring/Summer 1999 Computer Skills and Concepts web page.
The 810:021 Spring 2001 810:021 page.