810:022 Fall 2003
Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration

  1. Links to Five Questions Practice pages from the students in the class.

    What is on the test: Cheat Sheet for Part One is allowed, but NOT for part two.

  2. Regarding the JavaScript practice questions and finding bugs/errors and the Wright 112 lab.
    Note: Type iexplore, in the Start menu, Run dialog box if your computer does NOT have Microsoft Internet Explorer as a menu choice.
    (Start menu, Run command).

  3. Five JavaScript examples illustrating the bgcolor property.

  4. Here is another example of Frames with the toLowerCase() JavaScript function featured, along with the Beatles.

  5. Assignment on Parameter Queries, which uses the movies database.

  6. Download the movies database, Access 97 version.

  7. Download the movies database, Access 2000 version. Try this one first, unless you have a very old version of Access at home.

  8. Corrected Query in Design View for letting user specify only the quotes with length greater than x in length and less than y in length. The Value of the Val() function is shown.

  9. Review of Excel VBA functions and Friday, Nov 21st class. What is due also.

  10. There will NOT be an in-class exam until the final exam. The 12/03 exam is cancelled.

    ASSIGNMENT due on Wednesday December 3rd: Turn in your 5 best questions that you come up with after doing a review of the material we have covered in class. Your questions can be Excel, VBA, macros, PhotoShop, animation, Access and database, etc. They must be NEW questions and not anything you have seen before on previous quizzes. They SHOULD be hand-written very neatly, or you can turn in a printout of word-processed, if you wish.

  11. Access Macros and Custom Forms, as well as Parameter Queries were covered on Wednesday, November 19th. Read over chapter 11: Creating A Custom Form in your Excel VBA book.

  12. Do this variant variable timing experiment before Thanksgiving and turn in printouts of your code and snapshots of the MsgBoxes. Assignment on variant variables.

  13. Animated GIF assignment posted here.

    Here is one created in class on Halloween, using gifmerge and PhotoShop filters and gradient tool.

  14. Animated GIFS examples and techniques. Explanation of the cowboy.cns.uni.edu gifmerge command.

  15. More Animating GIFS examples and techniques. All used gifmerge command, not JavaScript program to animate the slides.

  16. VBScript, frames and animation is a self-grading, interactive quiz. You got this as a handout on Oct 29th.

  17. JavaScript animation techniques. You have this as a handout from 10/29. You can control the SPEED of the animation.

  18. JavaScript and Frames example. From Oct 29th handout.

No quiz on Friday, October 31st.

Chapter Ten assignment. Precious Metals. Read and DO Chapter Ten first, as the prerequisite for doing the Metals assignment. Due date: Monday, October 27th.

Quiz Two: Wednesday, October 22nd. It will be based on Chapter Two, Chapter Ten and on the study guide and topics for QUIZ ONE (from Friday, October 3rd).

Outline of topics: Quiz on FRIDAY, Oct 3rd. Quiz review highlights from Oct 1st.

Sub pauseTwoSeconds()                         Sub PauseOneHalfSecond()
   stopTime = Timer + 2                          stopTime = Timer + 0.5
   currentTime = Timer                           Do While Timer < stopTime
   Do While currentTime < stopTime                  DoEvents
      DoEvents                                   Loop
      currentTime = Timer                     End Sub
End Sub

Toolbars assignment. What is due on Friday? What parts of the textbook are most helpful to READ and DO first.

Friday, September 5th hands-on class CHECKLIST for WRT 112 lab class.
Note: Your accounts will be handed out on Friday or next Wednesday, if you do not have one from last year or another class this year.
What to read in Reed, what to bring with you, what to do ahead of time if you get the chance.

Any version of Excel from Excel 95 or Excel 97 to Excel 2000 will suffice to do the assignments for this class. You do NOT need to have Excel 2002 version! Click the textbook to link to a larger photo at www.amazon.com, if you wish.

Past four year's 022 web pages.

  1. Fall of 2002.
  2. Fall of 2001.
  3. Fall of 2000.
  4. Fall of 1999.
  1. I assume no previous Excel experience, so don't worry if you did not do much or any Excel in the past. You will be fine. The course covers lots of graphics and animation concepts, such as are useful for PhotoShop and Flash and clipart. It covers HTML and gives further web page experience, databases, and some authoring software. Also covers PowerPoint basics and beyond.

  2. Excel VBA Macros PowerPoint presentation covers all the basics, using the Birthday problem. We will start this on Friday, August 29th.

  3. The 23 BIRTHDAYS MACRO is your first assignment. It will be due on Wednesday, September 17th. Your 23 birthdays macro should include buttons to run it once, or 100 times, as well as buttons to reset the total counts. It should include all the features, including color them yellow and show the actual month and day of any duplicated birthday. Basically, it requires you to implement and develop the most advanced version of the birthday macro shown on the PowerPoint presentation.

  4. REVIEW and SCREEN SNAPSHOTS of Wednesday, Sept 17th class.

    • Code for ShowDuplicates to color them yellow, track if there is a repeat birthday with a BOOLEAN TRUE/FALSE variable. This code calls a couple of other macros.
    • Birthdays macro recorded during class on Wednesday, September 17th. This macro calls the ShowDuplicates macro.
    • How do I update the totals? updateTotals macro VBA code and how and where it is used (at the end of showDuplicates macro).

  5. Here is a note about the .Offset() technique and adapting it to checking for repeats to eliminate the need for an extra variable and a couple lines of code. It also covers the ReportResult() macro code and how you could use the version that has a BOOLEAN argument instead of the zero argument TallyTheResult() macro.

  6. Here are your Racing Rectangles Resources. By the end of the 3rd week or 4th week, you will have a good understanding of the racing rectangles macros.

  7. The Cycling Images using JavaScript program. You have this as a handout from Monday, October 6th.