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FIRST FIVE WEEKS: VE, A, and MG - first five weeks... Jan 11 till Feb 12 are VIP!!!
week 6 02/15   02/17   02/19  


Assignment TWO is due on Monday/02/22.

See LI #9 - FourLayers.psd and watch the video - Jack of All Trades to review Monday class. Also see the SnorgTees JPG at bottom of page.

LI #9 means List Item 9

Enhanced version of today's example keyframes additional properties, and includes the Animated scale at each layer marker AE Expression.


Rain, Snow, Fog, AE Expressions and miscellaneous other topics found on Valentine's Day weekend.
week 7 02/22   02/24   02/26  
  Uploading to sunny using Dreamweaver: PUT, Defining a Site, etc. video tutorial.

QUIZ TWO study guide.

Assignment TWO DUE by 9 p.m.

Student's Assignment Two pages.

Flash CS4 introduction: Bouncing Ball animation using Classic Tween approach, with Ease In and Ease Out. Keyframes at 1, 20, 25, 30 and 50. Movie Clip Symbol.

Flash examples from Fall 2006 and Spring 2007: Ball bounces, Moon orbits, western wind blown clouds, halloween masks, and UNI volleyball. Before it was Adobe Flash, it was Macromedia Flash!
week 8 03/01   03/03   03/05  

Flash questions for week 8 - including bouncing ball review.

Flash and After Effects: Falling Snow in Flash: AE to FL
Please watch the tutorial BEFORE Monday's class, if possible.

Snow and Rain, FL and AE integration with invisible Flash buttons.

Quiz 1 and 2 grades.

VIP: Assignment due tomorrow! Paper and Pen or Pencil

Watch the Falling Snow in Flash VIDEO tutorial (see Monday).

Turn in one page (one side is enough) of notes you took from the video. This is due at the start of class on Wednesday. Your notes and response to the video can include the Monday 03/01 class experience with AE and FL. Questions, confusion, diagrams: all okay too. Write about the Flash and After Effects.

week 9 03/08   03/10   03/12  

UNI fight song.
Flash invisible button with AE special effects symbols.

QUIZ 3 - from 03/05/Friday.

VIDEO: Flash buttons, AE effects, and Flash symbols video tutorial.
Flash buttons application from the tutorial.
VIP email review of Flash invisible button, etc.  

03/10 and 03/12 example, with Actionscript code. Snow, Rain, navigateToURL, invisible button symbol instance.


week 10 03/22   03/24   03/26  

Assignment details and review of striker and theBall class.

Four Color Gradient effect, animated with expressions.

week 11 03/29   03/31   04/02  

Review of Flash CS4 buttons class. Not ready yet.

Invisible Button and Special Effects assignment due. Send URL to, as usual.

Bumpin on Sunset: Waves, sunsets, buildings, sky. Wes Montgomery.

20 students FLASH/After Effects assignments done so far.
Student's AE Fx to Flash invisible buttons projects. Be sure your name appears here after you send the URL.

Fog, Fractals, 007, Expressions, etc.
week 12 04/05   04/07   04/09  

Review of James Bond 007 Opening Circles intro covering first 7 1/2 minutes of the tutorial.

QUIZ FIVE study guide.

Oceans tutorials.

Fog, Fractals, 007, Expressions, etc.

week 13 04/12   04/14   04/16  


Story Boards ideas and examples. PLAN out your final project.

Storyboard assignment description from Maya 3D graphics class.

week 14 04/19   04/21   04/23  

Lesson 12 will be the topic for the week.

Creating the Grid Floor Comp

Lesson 12: Final Project
Using 3D space plus effects to create a show's opening title.

  1. Creating the Grid Floor Comp - Page 281 (done on Monday)
  2. Creating the Skater Comp - pages 284-286 (finished)
  3. Creating the Radar Comp - Pages 282-283 (finished)
  4. Creating the Dial Comp - Pages 287-290 (started)

Storyboard assignment due.
  1. The Dial Comp will be finished.
  2. Creating the Main Comp 1 (Pages 291-297 will be done on Friday).
    1. Add Spinning Radar
    2. Add Grid Floor
    3. Add Skater Video Panel
    4. Create Skater's Reflection
    5. Add the animated Dial
week 15 04/26   04/28   04/30  


week 16 05/03 05/04 05/05 05/06 05/07 Finals week

Study Guide/Outline for the FINAL Exam.

Lesson 12 practice - flocking behavior in birds.

10-11:50 a.m. May 4th

VIP! Student Final Projects.
Be SURE you see your name and project here!

Send the URL for your final project to

Final project is due by 5 p.m. today (Friday)
Send the URL to

Student Final Projects.
Be absolutely SURE you see your name and project here!

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