Spring 2006 Computer Skills and Concepts

Final Exam Study Guide/Outline.

FINAL EXAM Classes scheduled for 4:00 M W F
We will have our exam in that slot: 3-4:50 p.m. Wednesday, May 3

  1. CHOOSE A GOOD PLAN requires having two or more plans: Waggle Dancing Bees and problem solving and programming. (Why Mr. Staypuft was the form of Gozur the Gozerian, the destructor, as the first thing that popped into Dr. Raymond Stantz's head). (HANDOUT)

  2. The Ghostbuster's movie as a metaphor for programming, problem solving and troubleshooting computers. (HANDOUT)

  3. About the 2nd Midterm Exam and Friday, March 31st class. You got this as an email note.

  4. Javascript Division Calculator.

  5. Here are the JavaScript examples for you to try (03/06/Monday):
    1. One Random number output.
    2. Two One loop.
    3. Three Nested loops, stagger pattern. Leading spaces are done with the inner loop.
    4. FourFlying geese pattern, via more nested loops.

    5. Open New Windows and Animation of Images using Javascript (03/08/Wednesday).
  6. Assignment from Textbook, chapters 8 and 9 problems.

  7. Know the FOUR GENERATIONS of Computers, as to the key hardware component characterizing each. Vacuum tubes, transistors, integrated circuits, and microprocessors.

  8. If you wish to connect to one of the cowboy.cns.uni.edu computers from off campus, download the SSH Secure Shell software from the UNI free and shared software site. It is in the Secure Telnet row of the grid.

  9. Web Pages (two of them) assignment #1. Due February 24th, tentatively. May be extended or simplified.

Caesar's Cipher and Encryption background. What is the secret key? What is plain text? What is cipher text? (Your EXCEL assignment will decrypt eleven encrypted four letter words from cipher text back to plain text.
Excel Review of Friday, January 27th hands on class, and other resources.

Excel and Ghostbusters lecture/demo review of Wednesday, January 25th class. Great preview for Friday lab class, where we will do some Excel and some HTML and cowboy tasks.

Web pages on cowboy: An Ordered List, and Anchor, and a view of the PICO editor (pico homepage.html).

Email note one (file is named: emailOneSpr2006.txt) about lab class and with partial review of class #2 (Wednesday 01/11/06)

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